Perfect precision

Hightech engineering up to date

For the customisation and optimisation of ready-to-mount products, our PEN engineers use their long-standing experience and hightech expertise. In this way, excellent cushioning and gliding features are achieved – meeting international standards and exceeding competitive components with the same space requirements..

User-specific refinement

Have you specific requirements to a component that already exists? PEN specialises in the individual customisation of elastomer, duromer, plastomer, and rubber-metal components as well as spring systems for more than fourty years. Benefit from our know-how, creativity, and flexibility.

New development

You need an innovative new product with specific features? PEN has already developed many products which set standards on the market to the present day. Let us give you advice and support, starting with product planning and prototype development right through to licensing.

When necessary for a project, we also cooperate with external experts such as university professors, institute scientists, resource chemists, and development engineers.