Innovative hightech components

for cushioning, buffering, and gliding.

Elastomer, duromer, plastomer, and rubber-metal components make for efficent operation in various fields of use – because they are compact, maintenance-free, and made-to-last. PEN customises and refines such components as well as spring systems for specific applications – according to the state of technology and your individual requirements.

Benefit from long-standing engineering experience and quality made in Germany – no matter if you are looking for initial equipment or service parts:

Rail transport

Find ready-to-mount components for trains, metros, cable cars, suspension railway, and magnetic rail. Your passengers will thank you for the better cornering stability during silent and comfortably cushioned journeys.

Crane systems

Whether in haven cranes or industry cranes, mobile cranes, truck-mounted telescopic cranes, tower cranes, or special-purpose cranes – with components optimised for your purpose, you keep operating costs low while safely working at heights.

Industrial facilities

Only perfectly fitting machine-building components allow maximum productivity in printing plants, power plants, steelworks, and many other industries. Especially where powerful machinery and technical equipment are in use. That is exactly why we individually customise components for you.